Losing weight with CBD

losing weight with CBD OIL

Many people are concerned with weight loss and the search for a panacea to reduce weight continues. You may have tried diets before or various pills and potions that claim to help you lose weight, the truth is there is no magic tablet or herb you can take to guarantee weight loss, this is because there are so many factors regarding an individual’s particular circumstances, lifestyle choices and calories in vs calories out to mention but a few.  However with that being said there are many supplements that we can use to effectively boost our efforts to lose weight, recent research into CBD has demonstrated incredible ability to help you lose weight. Cannabidiol is widely used today and is used to relieve pain and promote health but can you really lose weight by using hemp oil?

What is CBD?

You may have read a lot about CBD, but you may not have known what the acronym meant.

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis/hemp plant. The plant itself contains well over 100 of these cannabinoids and many terpenes.

The discovery in the 1970s made CBD more attractive to medicines. The first investigation was commissioned. Research has discovered the endocannabinoid system, also known as ECS, which became the basis for future research in the 1980s. Since then there have been several studies into the amazing health benefits and the many medicinal uses for this plant and the many compounds found within it. We are however still just scratching the surface and much more research needs to be conducted especially over longer time frames, to help us gather a wider picture from the data collected.

Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

The question of whether CBD can really help you lose weight is yes it can and it does this in a simple but effective way.

Many people struggle with their weight. We see this every year when we witness countless offers that promise weight loss success.

CBD oil has recently been brought into the focus and is drawing much attention as it has been regarded as a natural way to support weight loss. But what goals can you we expect to achieve with CBD, since there is widespread belief that cannabis stimulates appetite and even causes food cravings?

 In contrast to CBD, THC another of the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant has an appetizing effect and often causes extreme hunger and junk food cravings.

Recent studies show that cannabidiol can also affect metabolism and the burning of fat. These physical processes are of great importance when trying to lose weight because without an active metabolism the body will look to store food as fat.

In a Korean study, CBD appeared to affect immature fat cells and stimulated certain proteins and genes that help improve the synthesis of body fat and turning it from white into Brown fat, which conversely, contains both smaller droplets and high amounts of mitochondria which make it more metabolically active and through a process of thermogenesis, promotes weight loss. At the same time, the increased number of so-called mitochondria increases the body’s metabolic activity and therefore caloric expenditure.

Essentially fat is broken down faster and more efficiently, CBD intake inhibits certain proteins that are involved in the production of fat cells further compounding the weight loss effect.

Certified Organic USDA approved CBD oil products are verified organic products that are generally classified as food supplements and are available freely in most countries.

Many people suffer from chronic hunger attacks and eating disorders, which can manifest themselves in different ways. These eating disorders can ultimately lead to obesity and a disturbed relationship with one’s self.

It is for this reason, that those who carry extra weight in particular, often suffer from depression, anxiety and other disorders. A change in one’s diet and activity is not always enough as the desire for food is often stronger than the will. CBD can begin to assist at this point and reduce appetite.

CBD not only helps suppress the appetite but also Cannabidiol reduces the release of stress hormones such as Cortisol which promotes greater mental relaxation and better sleep which will help combat depression and anxiety.

How to apply CBD oil

Each person reacts differently to natural remedies such as CBD. It is therefore extremely difficult to give a general dose recommendation.

Start CBD oil with just a few drops per day and gradually increase the dose step by step.

However, to successfully lose weight, the oil must be taken over a long period of time. You should regularly take part in physical activity, exercise and maintain a healthy diet in conjunction with taking CBD.

Apply the CBD oil with a supplied dropper. Then drop the oil under your tongue.

Healthy lifestyle with CBD oil

Without a healthy lifestyle, optimal nutrition and daily exercise, no product in the world by itself automatically burns fat. Even CBD oil will not make you lose weight in itself. However, cannabidiol can support and improve metabolism and does cause the browning of fat and increases fat burning.

To lose weight, you must use CBD for a few weeks, it is important to remember that everyone is an individual and each person’s sensitivity will vary. Careful handling of CBD products is therefore essential.

How can CBD help you lose weight?

The effect of CBD on fat cells that are not yet mature is particularly interesting in the context of possible weight loss. We have already seen that CBD can have the following effects:

  • Stimulation of proteins and genes needed to promote fat loss.
  • Increase in mitochondria and their activity.
  • Faster reduction in body fat thanks to active mitochondria
  • Inhibition of proteins necessary for the production of fat cells.

Another advantage is that CBD can also influence stress receptors, reducing stress. If you are generally much more relaxed, you are also more open to lifestyle changes and will have lower levels of harmful hormones causing damage to the body.

How to dose CBD during weight loss?

Dosage information cannot be universally validated. There are several reasons for this:

  • The proportion of CBD in the selected preparation
  • The desired goal
  • The reaction of your own body

In short, it is important to know that everyone reacts differently to CBD. Although a small dose is sufficient for some people to reach their goal, others may need higher doses.

You should start low and slowly increase your dose.  A good place to start if you have never used CBD before is with no more than five drops per day.

Consistent intake is important. CBD works effectively if you use it daily for as long a time as possible. After the first few weeks you will notice the changes. If you do not notice anything, you should increase the dose.

Healthy weight loss with CBD is based on several additional factors:

  • Drink enough fluids
  • Maintain a lean healthy diet
  • Get Enough Exercise

A balanced diet is paramount; eat lean protein combined with carbohydrates, enough fruits, vegetables and fiber,

Keep increasing the level of exercise intensity so as to ensure that the body always has to adapt and improve.


CBD is a great ally in the quest to lose extra weight, it is not only an appetite suppressant but also a powerful tool to help slow white fat cell production, increase fat browning and accelerate metabolic function. Another advantage is that it helps reduce stress and lowers the levels of harmful hormones found in the body as a result.

Always remember check the dose carefully, listen to your body and consult your doctor if you choose a diet in combination with CBD.

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